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    Purpose of the Lesson:

    To achieve understanding of action verbs.


    This lesson teaches action verbs through movement and acting.

    Literacy Skills:

    • Vocabulary Development
    • Parts of Speech
    • Reading Comprehension-Prediction
    • Writing – Words


    • Index cards with fun verbs written on them (i.e. swim, jump, run, jog, dive, eat, sleep etc.)
    • Baggies or a hat
    • The book Cat in the Hat, or similar


    Ask one child to go to the door and come back. Ask, “What did s/he do?” When the class says “Walk” write it on the board. Now ask another child to go to the door but do so differently. Ask “How did s/he go?” Write the word on the board. Continue 3 more times. Explain that a verb is the word that describes the action. Verbs tell us what is happening, what people or things are doing. What are students’ favorite things to do? Add to list of verbs.


    1. Brainstorm students’ favorite activities – things that they like ‘to do’. Students perform gestures that show the verb while saying “I (Students say verb)!” You might point out a particularly good gesture that one student is doing and have the class imitate. Write each verb on the board.
    2. Go through verbs on the index cards in the same fashion. If you can, add cards with students’ favorites from #1.
    3. After performing all of the verbs, everyone sits at their seats while one student comes to the front.
    4. The student chooses a verb card from the baggie or from the list on the board and performs the verb for the class.
    5. The class guesses the verb. Have them describe it in a complete sentence. “(Name of the student) (the verb)!”
    6. Game Option: Separate class into teams and compete to guess the most verbs.
    7. If students are advanced enough, they can write the verbs instead of or in addition to calling them out. Most advanced students can write a sentence.
    8. Have students add words to their verb dictionary.

    Extender Activity:

    Read a book (Cat in the Hat) and have students act out verbs. Students should make a list of the verbs as they go. After acting all of the verbs in the book, students pick five verbs and write sentences.

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