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    Autobiography WritingPurpose of the Lesson:

    To help students understand the idea of autobiography

    Project Summary:

    The students will participate in a class discussion about autobiographies and what makes them unique and special. Students will then fill in a questionnaire from which they will create their own autobiographical book.

    Literacy Links:

    • Writing nonfiction
    • Vocabulary Development
    • Sight words


    • All About Me by Dr. Zeuss
    • Copies of the attached worksheet with blanks
    • Blank paper
    • Construction paper
    • Xeroxed photo of each student
    • Digital Camera
    • Craypas (oil pastels)
    • Watercolors


    Ask the class:

    What is an autobiography? How can we create our own autobiography, using Dr. Zeuss’s story as an example?


    Day 1

    1. Read All About Me.
    2. Review the idea of autobiography and explain that each student is going to create their very own book about themselves.
    3. Hand out copies of the worksheet and read it together.
    4. Have students complete the questions. Add more questions or change the questions if you wish before you hand out the sheet.
    5. Write any big words that the students need on the board.
    6. When they have finished answering all of the questions, have students add all new words to their dictionaries.
    7. Collect sheets.

    Day 2

    1. Hand out sheets. Have students edit their answers.
    2. Ask students to count the number of questions they have answered.
    3. Give each student blank paper. They will need one less sheet than there are questions. (6 questions – 5 sheets of paper, 3 questions – 2 sheets of paper)
    1. Ask students to fold paper in half.
    2. Have students stack paper so that they fit one inside the other making a book. Staple each book.
    3. Have students open their books to the first inside page and copy their first edited answer onto the left hand side. They will also illustrate the answer on the right hand side.

    4. Have students continue until they have copied all answers. They should add additional information to each question if they want.

    5. Have students illustrate their books.

    Day 3

    1. Do the Warhol Project (see attached).

    The Warhol Project

    1. Have students fill out autobiography sheets before you start this lesson.
    2. Take a close-up picture of each student with a camera.
    3. Make a large 8” X 11” and 4” X 5 ½” black and white Xerox of each picture.
    4. Show students pictures of Warhol’s art. Discuss what he did (i.e. his use of color over a picture) and discuss how color can make a statement about the person.
    5. Hand out craypas and have students color in the first picture.
    6. Now hand out watercolor and have students paint over the entire picture.
    7. Have them repeat this process with the large picture, but they must do it differently from the first. They can also collage with colored tissue paper if they want.
    8. Let students take home the large picture and paste the smaller picture onto the cover of their autobiography.

    Day 4

    1. Have students read their autobiographies with students celebrating each other’s stories. An extension may be students identifying for what they have in common with one another to create a stronger sense of community.

    Autobiography Sheet


    I am ____________________ years old.

    I have ____________ brothers and _____________ sisters. They like to ___________________



    I love my ___________ because ________________________________________________________


    I love my ________________ because ___________________________________________________


    My friend and I like to ________________________________________________________________


    My favorite food is ___________________________________________________________________



    When I grow up and I want to ________________________________________________________



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