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    Purpose of the Lesson:

    To learn to write descriptively through the 5 senses.

    Project Summary:

    Students will use their five senses to investigate different kinds of apples to generate descriptive words, graphs, and sentences.

    Literacy Skills:

    • Vocabulary Development
    • Writing- Sentences
    • Sight Vocabulary
    • Writing Expression
    • Writing- Paragraphs
    • Writing- Letters
    • Writing- Words


    • 3 different kinds of apples (i.e. Yellow Golden Delicious, Green Granny Smith, Red Rome)
    • Knife
    • Cutting board
    • Paper plates
    • Chart Paper


    Ask the class:

    Can students use all their five senses and their scientific minds to investigate and describe the apples? Can students then compare and contrast the different apples, using adjectives and other descriptive devices such as metaphors and similes?


    Students will be given a generous slice of apple #1. Tell the class they will investigate each apple using our five senses.

    • First, our eyes look and describe what we see (color, texture, spots, etc.).
    • Second, our ears hear how the apple sounds when we bite it, chew it, break it, etc.
    • Third, our nose smells it and describes the scent (encourage students to compare the apple smell to other things such as the fresh smell of soap).
    • Fourth, our fingers touch it and our mouths feel it (hard, soft, mushy, etc.).
    • Finally, our tongues taste
    1. Keep track of student observations on chart paper. Have five categories, one for each sense.
    2. Repeat this process for apple #2 and #3, encouraging students to compare and contrast. When they say the apple is sweet or sour, ask them “Is it more or less sour than apple #1?” Continue with each apple and compare to all the previous apples.
    3. Once the chart has been complete, it is fun to do a secret ballot to vote on the class’s favorite apple.
    4. This information can be graphed using a bar graph or now, or later in the day during the math lesson.
    5. Students can then add new adjectives generated on the list to their adjective books. One whole page can be dedicated to apple adjectives (delicious, sweet, sour, juicy, mushy, etc.).
    6. Students who are writers can write poems about the apples—using some of the descriptive metaphors and similes they came up with during the investigation (the inside of the apple is soft as snow, as wet as rain, etc.)

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