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    Purpose of the Lesson:

    To build sight word vocabulary through the creation of a “__at” word family flip book. This lesson can also be used for “et,” “ig,” “in,” “an,” “all,” or any word family.


    Students will create a sight word flip book.

    Literacy Links:

    • Vocabulary Development
    • Decoding Skills
    • Word Families
    • Sight Vocabulary
    • Writing – Letters
    • Writing – Words


    • 8 ½ x 11 construction paper
    • Crayons
    • Post-it notes


    Ask the class:

    What sound does “at” make? What are some words that end in “at”?


    1. Give each student one piece of construction paper.
    2. Have them fold the paper in half to create a book.
    1. Lay the book flat so that the folded edge or spine is at the top. The construction paper is the cover and should be labeled “My __at Flip Book”. Now open the book.
    2. Pass out a small stack of four post-it notes to each student. Have them stick the stack inside the folded construction paper on the left side. The children should write a different consonant letter on each post-it note (i.e. b, c, f, h).
    3. Pass out another set of four post-it notes and have students place them on the right side of the construction paper.
    4. In the space between the two sets of post-its, have students write “at” on the construction paper.
    5. Next, allow the students to draw a picture of a bat on the top right post-it.
    6. The children should flip to the second far right post-it and draw a cat, the third post-it should have a drawing of something fat, and the fourth should have a drawing of a hat.


    1. Finally, allow students to practice reading their books to themselves by flipping the post-its and matching their illustrations to each word.

    Here are some of the combinations for the word family flip books:

    • AT: bat, cat, fat, hat
    • ET: jet, pet, set, wet
    • IG: dig, fig, jig, wig
    • OG: cog, dog, fog, log
    • UG: bug, dug, jug, pug


    You can also use the word flip book for final consonants.


    Here are some of the combinations for final consonants for the word family flip books:

    • T: bat, cat, fit, hot
    • G: dig, fog, gag, wig
    • D: sad, bed, band, hid

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