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    Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?

    Here’s some ideas on how to help your children increase letter recognition and vocabulary development:

    To Develop Phonic/Phonemic Awareness of a Specific Letter

    1. Print and hide large letters around the house.

    2. If you are focusing on learning one letter, hide that letter in several places so your child can become more familiar with it.

    3. Once they recognize the letter, next move on to having them make the sound when the find the letter.

    4. Rather than hiding letters around the house, instead hide objects that start with a specific letter.

    Vocabulary Development and Categorizing

    1. Place printed, written or block letters on the table.

    2. This time, pick a theme- ie- animals from the farm, colors, plants, objects from space, etc. and hide either printed pictures or objects of these around the house.

    3. When your child finds them, have them bring them to the table, say the name of the item and match them up with the correct letter.

    You can adapt this game many different ways- but it can teach and/or reinforce skills while letting young children move around and have fun!

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