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    Purpose of this Lesson:

    To use movement and acting to teach syllables.


    This activity uses movement to help students understand syllables. It is designed to help students with decoding.

    Literacy Skills:

    • Syllables
    • Decoding
    • Segmenting


    • A drum or an empty can
    • A stick


    Ask the class:

    What is a syllable? How can we tell if a word has more than one syllable? Can you give me some examples of a one-syllable word? Two-syllable word? Three-syllable word?


    1. After you have asked the above questions explain that the students are going to move to the syllables like robots.
    2. Have all of the students sit at their desks. It is harder to see if they have it right, but it will create much less disorder in the beginning.
    3. Tell them that every time you say a word they are to take a step for each syllable while still in their seats. Sit in front of the class and model it for them. Lift first one leg as if walking and then the other.
    4. Start with one-syllable words. (Cat, go, play)
    5. Next say two-syllable words. (Because, happy, singing)
    6. Next say three-syllable words. (Beautiful, elephant)
    7. Now select a child to come to the front of the room and say a few words, one at a time, while the rest of the class steps to each syllable.
    8. Write the words on the board and see if the students can see while some words have more than one syllable. Ask them to look at the vowels if they don’t seem to understand. This will help them with decoding.
    9. When they really have the idea you can have them form a circle and move to each word as you write the words on cards and hold up the words for students to read.

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