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    Excursions, volcanos and stories… all in one

    Do you remember the story of Pompeii? Have you visited the youngest volcano in the continent of America? Have you heard about the Kilauea? Or have you seen the lovely short film created by Disney about two volcanos that fall in love? (I have to admit my heart melted for that one).

    Well even if you are not familiar with any of the previous mentioned references of volcanoes, here is a fun way to be near one… or a representation of one, this way we can travel with imagination while staying safe at home. This is an activity where all the family can participate, so grab the little ones, the middle ones, the older ones, just everyone and get them ready for adventure!

    Wonder no more here’s what you can do to keep kids busy at home.


    1.- Storyboard

    2.- Markers, crayons, colored pencils or any writing/art media chosen

    3.- Scissors and ribbon

    4.- Costumes! To get in the mood for adventure, get dressed up as if you were going to an excursion.


    This activity is meant to last 30 to 40 minutes.

    What to do:

    Give the children a place (island, the jungle, an unexplored country…), give them characters (a family, group of friends, etc.), and don’t forget to mention the main character there is an active volcano!

    Literacy Activity

    Give them a storyboard (see worksheet Templates). Help them imagine what they or their characters might do if they saw smoke coming from a volcano in the jungle. They can draw out the pictures first in the storyboard frames and then depending on their age and/or skill level they can either write letters, words or sentences to tell their story.

    Use this new book to test everyone’s acting skills and recreate the story, to take the adventure to the next level, make your own volcano.


    1.- A water bottle, plastic cup, or any container that accommodates best to you

    2.- Water

    3.- Four tbs of baking soda

    4.- One tsp of dish soap

    5.- One cup of vinegar

    6.- Play dough, the recommendation is brown play dough

    Start by accommodating the dough around the water bottle to give form to the volcano, put some water in the bottle and add the baking soda and the dish soap (you can add some food coloring if you want to get a better lava effect). Give it a little stir and finally add vinegar until you see the foam.

    This activity will stimulate the thinking process, develop their creativity, improve the ability of communication, solution of problems, and strengthen family ties.

    Let’s start the adventure!

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